Meet Elli!

Elli is our Spokesllama here at Llady Llama Fiber Co and Kelli's alter ego. She's a little sassy, very protective of her flock and always ready for some crafty goodness with her spindle and her handspun, handknit socks! She sometimes gets to messing around in the dye studio when no one is watching and that is how our Elli AU's (Alternate Universes) are created! These are OOAK re-imaginings made using leftover dye from official colorways that are mixed, tweaked, blended, and otherwise experimented with in these non-repeatable colorways. Are you crafty like a llama? Elli is!

Elli, the Llady Llama logo.

A wooden cutout of Elli, the Llady Llama logo. She is dressed in a handknit hat, scarf and socks.

An enamel pin featuring Elli, the Llady Llama logo. Text under her reads crafty like a llama.

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