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Llabrys Niddy Nøsty 3-in-1 Spinner's Tool - Resin Inlay / Hand-Turned Cherry Wood

Llabrys Niddy Nøsty 3-in-1 Spinner's Tool - Resin Inlay / Hand-Turned Cherry Wood

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This Niddy Nøsty features decorative mica pigment and resin inlay.

Our Llabrys Niddy Nøsty combines the following tools in one compact design:

1 Yard Wrap Niddy Noddy
Wrap Per Inch Gauge

This is a three-in-one fiber arts tool that is perfect for travel and a must have for spindle spinners! Removable crossbars allow for easy transition between the tool's functions. Saves room in your project bag and stores neatly with crossbars and top screw removed.

See second to last photo for an example Niddy Nøsty in use and check out my YouTube video demonstration for more assembly and usage information:

Use without the crossbars in place to wind center pull balls on the nøstepinne end of the tool. Secure your yarn end on the convenient groove carved into the end of the Nøsty. To use as a travel niddy noddy simply unscrew the nøstepinne handle and put the crossbars on the top and bottom pegs. Screw on the handle and top screw to finish niddy noddy assembly. Measure your yarn's WPI with the handy Wrap Per Inch Gauge set into the nøstepinne handle.

Each Niddy Nøsty is unique and hand crafted with extreme care and attention to detail.
All wooden surfaces are sanded silky smooth and finished with a beeswax and orange oil wood finishing product. The resin inlay is finished with a non-toxic polishing compound.

This Niddy Nøsty features locally sourced cherry wood. All pieces attach with durable inset metal screws and threads.

Approximate Llabrys Niddy Nøsty Measurements:
Nøstepinne Body Length: 12.75"
Assembled Crossbar Width: 9.25"
Assembled Niddy Noddy Body Length: 15.75"
Niddy Noddy Wrap: 36" (1 Yard)

This product comes from a smoke-free household, but not a cat-free one.
The cats do not however, come into direct contact with any of the materials.

While I attempt to capture images which accurately represent each product, colors may vary from monitor to monitor.


All Llabrys Niddy Nøsties are packed with care and sent in a sturdy cardboard box to prevent damage. This item is shipped separately from any additional purchases due to special handling.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my products & happy crafting!

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